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For more than 40 years now, Bleu de fès has been crisscrossing the remote villages of the Atlas and the Rif in order to meet Berber women-artists, carpet makers and holders of dazzling craftsmanship.

Thanks to our years of experience and our daily presence in the Atlas and Rif mountains, we find for you, the most authentic, pleasant and rare carpets in Morocco.

Handmade fabrics and with great love, our rugs bear witness to an incredible cultural heritage and are the fruit of an amalgam of traditions cultivating throughout the last centuries the art of weaving and the know-how of handwork.

A Passion

A true love story

Bleu de Fès brings together a passion for the collection of Berber carpets, a love of the cultural diversity of the tribes and an admiration for the brave women of the Atlas and the Rif.

The purified style, minimalist aesthetics and comfort provided by Berber carpets make us fall in love.

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Our Handmade Carpets

Fond of Moroccan Berber culture, Bleu de fès continues to travel the Atlas regions to assemble a breathtaking collection of handmade carpets, as well as the production of Berber carpets to order. Authentic creations emanating from tribal art and these traditions, woven by hand in natural wool and reflecting a know-how inherited over the years. Customize your carpet by choosing the design, the color of your carpet and the desired measurements

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